Monday, June 13, 2005

Redeeming The Time

I've noticed recently that the (few) people in the world who are up to extraordinary things seem to be able to accomplish twice as much as the average bloke in the same amount of time. They are efficient "redeemers" of time. They seem to view their time as a limited and valuable resource, and therefore spend it almost exclusively in ways that are efficient and targeted on their highest goals.

Like a heat-seeking missle, they blast from one purpose-filled task to the next, giving little or no quarter to the moans and cravings of the "flesh" and body to sleep in, blow off time, check out or otherwise indulge in laziness. That is not to say they are always moving at a frenzied pace. (Though this may be true for some extraordinary "doers," their obsession with "sprinting" through their lives inevitably leads them to burnout and exhaustion.) Those that succeed with little or no cost to the body are more like long-distance runners. They don't have to do it all fast. The important thing is that they keep moving forward by making sure that every way they spend their time is purpose-filled. They aren't Type A hyper-achievers. But they heed that deep, abiding call of their heart to make the most of every opportunity, and to never waste the gift of the time they've been given.

As I look as my own life, at all I want to accomplish, my gut reaction is to go faster to try to get is all done. But that way will not lead to fulfillment; rather, it will lead me to burnout and through exhaustion undermine the very passion I'm wanting to follow. The better way is to run at a measured, sustainable pace--to run "smart," as it were--to keep myself moving every day, with every focused step, in the direction of my deepest dream and highest purpose.

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