Thursday, May 26, 2005

Letter From A Fan

Today I received a fresh round of emails asking about the status of Waymaker and the Pearlsong Trilogy. Here's one of them, brief and to the point...

Dear Magnificent Author ...(OK, not really. But a man can dream, can't he?)

I wanted to find out if you were successful in selling Waymaker to another publisher. I am so in hopes you are still writing. It would be a shame to have your story end prematurely.

Signed--Bummed In Boston

Dear Bummed in Boston--

Thanks so much for your email. As a matter of fact, I'm diving back into the writing for the trilogy beginning next week. I hope to have a new home for Waymaker (book 2) settled by the end of the month (June). Waymaker is very close to complete, and I'm excited to begin work on the third. This has been a trying process for me, but like you I am hopeful that in the end the stories will have the life and the platform that they deserve.

Signed--Author in Exile

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