Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The BIG Life

It's a big life we're called to lead. But to lead a small life is far easier and more comfortable. However ultimately disatisfying, the small, isolated life is far less threatening. To die from a slow painless bleed seems better on the surface than to perish in the manner of William Wallace in BRAVEHEART. But then, no one would be set free.

The real question is this: On what will you spend your life? For it will surely be spent on something, whether consicously chosen or not. If you must spend it, why not then spend it for the greater good? To spend it on your own comfort is the height of egocentricity. To spend it on trying to keep your heart "safe" is wholly insane. As Helen Keller so rightly pointed out, safety is ultimately a myth, a castle of illusions.

To choose the greater way--not the way of safety or self comfort--is to abandon your life to a Greater Power and a Greater Purpose. It is to dive headlong into the rapids, knowing full well that in the moment you do, you relinquish your rights to choose your own course. The ride through this world is no longer yours. Your job now is simply to stay in the main flow of the current, to enjoy the thrill and glory of the ride and the surroundings. And to laugh.

Isn't that the life you've always wanted, anyway? Of course it is. Because it is precisely the life you were designed to live.

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Amy said...

I couldn't have put it in any better words. The awesome part about reading this post is that this is exactly what God has been showing me the last couple of days. God Bless.