Friday, April 08, 2005

Musings on Eldredge

I listened for a time recently to an interview with John Eldredge, speaking about the writing process for each of his first three books. He said a couple of things that struck me as an author:

  • "Most of my books come directly from my journals." This made me ponder the possible usefulness to me of my journal as a "rough draft" generator for my published writings. It strikes me as odd that I've never before considered using my journal in this way.
  • "I only write what's been tested and proved real in my own life. I never write what I haven't lived. We don't need any more books on 'theory.'"

He went on to say that his latter books are not sequels to those that came earlier; rather, each book is simply and expression of what God was/is doing at the time. He lives it, learns from it, finds his life transformed, then writes out the process for others to follow. This made me wonder about the value of writing my projects in a more spiritually organic way. Not looking at the market, or the marketing, but rather following the trail of my own heart's redemption.

I do already write from the heart. But this is different. It is, essentially, writing from the journey of my heart...from a place of asking, "What is the journey God has taken me on these past 2, 5 or 10 years?" And then, "What is the book, the training manual, the course, that wants to be born out of that process?

When I ask the first question, here's what comes up:

  • When planning your day, move toward what brings life, and away from what kills it. Do not bow to "should."
  • In the moment--any moment--intimate communion with Jesus is the point, and the deepest definition of success.
  • You are the message God is calling you to bring to the world. Your calling is not so much to do some thing as it is to be some one.
  • Intimacy is the choice to be emotionally honest with another who values you implicitly and receives you without judgment or reprisal. This is the heart of the connection we want with God, but (and here's the amazing part) this is also the heart of the connection God wants with us.

More thoughts to come...

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