Friday, October 22, 2004


I came across this quote this morning, and just had to share it with you:

The instructor put up on the board these three words:

BE -- DO -- HAVE

She then said, "Goals are the 'have' part of these three words. Goals such as to have a nice body, or have the perfect relationship, or to have millions of dollars, or to have great health or to have fame. Once most people figure out what they want to have, their goal, they begin listing what they have 'to do.' That is why most people have 'To Do' lists. They set their goal and then begin 'doing.'"

She first used the goal of the perfect body. "What most people do when they want a perfect body is go on a diet, and then go to the gym. This lasts for a few weeks and then most are back to the old diet of French fries and pizza, and instead of going to the gym, they watch baseball on TV. This is an example of 'doing' instead of 'being.'

"It's not the diet that counts; it's who you have to be to follow the diet that counts. Yet, every year millions of people look for the perfect diet to follow in order to become thin. They focus on what they have to do, rather than who they have to be. A diet will not help if your thoughts do not change."

I was blown away to find this quote in a book on finance and investments! But there it is, right out of the pages of Robert T. Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad's Cash Flow Quadrant (p.139). I felt compelled to share it with you not because of where I found it, but because of the truth it speaks to. Kiyosaki really nails on the head the NUMBER ONE REASON so many of the people who come to me for coaching struggle to attain their dreams of a bigger, more fulfilling life:
They don't realize that, when it comes to reaching ANY goal in life, the first--and most important--question they have to ask themselves is NOT

"What do I have to do to attain this goal?"


"Who do I have to be to attain this goal?"

I love this--and it reaffirms for me the work I'm doing with my clients through my Visioneering 101 Program. (The first 4-6 weeks of the program are totally focused on the "Being" part of this equation.) Changing your life is an inside-out process. Period.
OK. My soapbox rant is over. (For now)


Anonymous said...

I'm posting a comment on check the anonymous posting option and make sure it works. OK, so it works. Yip Yip. Now you can post a comment without having to sign up for a blogger account.

Happy trails--Michael

Kevin said...

To the Hebrews - faith isnt measured in what you do... or even what you believe - but in who you are. Being a Christian means "being Christ-like". I think that resonates with what you are teaching... being a success - which leads to doing successful things - and finally having a successful life.

Am I close?

Michael D. Warden said...

Right on, Kevin. The deeper question really isn't so much "What are you doing in life?" as it is "Who are you becoming in life?"