Saturday, September 18, 2004

Manly Men 2004 was a smashing success!

My yearly excursion to parts unknown with the men of my youth went off without a hitch. This year, we opted for less wilderness and more culture than in previous years (the scuttlebut is that some of the members are getting too old for 14'ers, though I think they're just whiners)--but it was still a great time. We explored the Pacific Northwest--Port Angeles, the Olympic Range, Seattle, Victoria, the sound. A fun time was had by all.

We ate like kings, thanks to our visiting angel, Christine, and our hostess, Sulene. Truth be told, we ate too much. We ate until we were sick with it, but woo it was good! I saw my first whale in the wild--a bit of a disappointment, actually, as the old gray was pretty lumberish and generally unimpressed with our presence. I guess no one told him I was coming. And I saw Victoria, B.C., which everyone for years has been telling me "this is your kind of city, you should live here." Well, I loved it. But sorry guys, I don't want to live there. Makes me wonder just how well my friends actually know me. Now the Olympic Range--I would move there in a heartbeat! Glorious.

Anyway, I'm spouting off about this mostly to test my photo-posting skills. I had success, as you can see below.

The shrouded monk-like figure is me, off the shores of Victoria, B.C., presumably looking for whales. We found one, but not before freezing our noses off. Posted by Hello

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