Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Welcome to the Sojourn

I'm sitting here in my office surrounded by the live oaks of Austin, it's a late humid summer night, and I'm wondering where to begin. I'm grooving to "Where Are You Going" by the Dave Matthews Band on my earphones. The lights are low--it's soft, quiet. A peaceful end to a frenetic day. But it's been good. Lives got changed today. Hearts were set free--even if it was only a little bit.

Now to you: Welcome. I've long been looking forward to inviting you in, to connecting with you all in this way. I'll be using this space to share the curious observations and the quirky learnings of my sojourn with you, encapsulating my thoughts and experiences as a life coach and as an author in sound bites of witty (or in many cases, dim-witty) banter. Unedited. Raw. Unguarded. Free.

Wow. This is suddenly feeling pretty big.

(Now it's Sheryl Crow--"No One Said It Would Be Easy")

This is all a grand experiment, a leap into the what if and the wouldn't it be nice and oh would you look at that, that's awesome! As well as the dear God what the heck is that about and this sucks and where do I get off. It's all here, all included. Being human. Together. We're all after life--that elusive elixir that seems to linger just beyond our fingertips. But the wacky truth of it is: It's right here, right now. Right in front me. Right in front you.

True Life. Asking us all to surrender to it.

So welcome. This is for you.



Michael D. Warden said...

Test comment. How does this look?

Mnuemonix said...

I've stumbled upon your page using the "next blog" button, and just wanted to comment that you're an excellent writer.-David